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Research Center for Urban Waste Management

Location- Bangalore, India

Professor- Jotirmay Chari, Vishwas Hittalmani, Syed Athiq, Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Term- Spring 2019

Etc- Chosen to represent M.S.R.I.T for Reubens Trophy at National Association of Students of Architecture,

          Second place in "Pradashana" Annual Exhibition at M.S.R.I.T

Softwares used- SketchUp, Lumion, AutoCAD, Photoshop

A trend of significant increase in municipal solid waste generation has been recorded worldwide. This has been found due to over population, industrialization, urbanization and economic growth. A systematic diagnosis and treatment has to be done to solve this problem from its roots in urban areas. The project thus focuses on providing a space for research to be carried out and for management of waste, consultation and public interaction. The design process for the same was thus, the research center being of primary importance in design, I further  conducted case studies on a few research centers in Bangalore and abroad and gathered suitable design features. To support the cause of zero waste, I researched on materials created out of waste used in construction and buildings constructed out of the same. A suitable site was then chosen and statistical information of the waste generated in its surrounding region was collected.  As a result a campus built out of recycled waste materials  that allowed for  self efficiency was designed.

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